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Jon W.
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Chance is a good guy and knows his fitness. He's working with me to get me fit and reach my goals. He's been flexible with schedule as well.All good.

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 Weight loss is something many of us struggle with but would love to achieve. If you are reading this you are already taking a step in the right direction. With so many fad diets and workouts, it's no wonder that people feel lost as to where to start. Let me say this first, there is no one size fits all, fix it solution. Sure, you may lose a little bit of weight with those fad plans but odds are you will gain it back once the program is over and possibly more. 

My job as a trainer is to tell you the truth and teach you how to reach your fitness goals in a healthy long-term manner. Let me tell you the single truth that has applied to every one of my clients: You get what you put in! It’s that simple. Now you might say, “But hey you're the trainer!”, so before you close this window let me explain in further detail. Weight-loss is a combination of successfully executed and healthy habits that eventually become a part of your daily routine. You can work out every day but if you don't have things right in the kitchen, you will not see the results you're looking for in the long run. 

For the majority of my clientele, weight loss and sculpting are the desired goal. I really like to take a no-nonsense and honest approach with my clients when I tell them that successfully losing weight (and keeping it off) does not happen overnight it is a lifestyle choice. Am I saying you'll never eat those foods you love again or drink that amazing glass of wine? Absolutely not. But we will work to restructure your thoughts into a healthier perspective. At The Pump Fitness, I like to think of healthy weight loss as the sum of three components: physical health, dietary health, and mental health. I call this, The Pump Trio and each part affects the success of the other. 

Physical health is vital to your overall wellbeing. Physical fitness has been linked to lower stress levels, increased mental clarity, better overall health, and a decrease in medical issues such as cardiac arrest, diabetes and more. This is what we will work on during our training sessions. I'll teach you different ways to exercise that are best suited for your unique body type and goals. Gradually I will add on workouts you can do away from our sessions as well. I will consistently be changing your workouts to make sure your body is challenged.  

Dietary health is the next step in our trio. I provide guided nutrition services at The Pump Fitness that can be extremely helpful to keep you on track. This is where you'll be putting in a lot of work at home. A healthy diet is a vital component to achieving the results that you want. There is a reason they say abs are made in the kitchen. I believe in whole foods and a clean eating approach to diet. This includes lots of fresh veggies, fruit, lean protein, healthy fats and as much water as you can handle. We also suggest avoiding all processed foods and dairy as much as possible. Don’t worry, I also believe in treat days! Yes, I said treat
daynot cheat day. Because it is positive to have the things you love in moderation. I usually suggest one treat meal per week. Although each person’s specific diet will vary greatly, these simple rules are a great place to start. 

Mental health is the last component of our weight loss trio and is often overlooked but very important. It is extremely necessary to
to yourself in order to de-stress and relax. This could mean getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis, reading, yoga, meditation, hiking, if you work a desk job get up every 1 to 2 hours and take a break or better yet take a walk. Whatever helps you to breathe a little easier should be part of your regular routine. People don’t always realize but when the mind is stressed the body can become stressed as well. When we don't sleep or become overworked it can affect our endocrine system and hormones. Hormones like cortisol levels can rise affecting our weight loss. When you are tired you are more inclined to eat for comfort instead of for health and you are less likely to work out. You can easily see why this is an important piece to the weight loss puzzle. 

As I said at the beginning there is no simple solution to weight loss. But I promise with a little hard work I can help you find the right solution for you.  








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"First time I saw Chance in the gym, I knew that if I ever need advice or instructions that he would be the trainer for me... He has such a passion for fitness and a love of helping others that want to be helped....My injury has healed for the most part and I am getting back on track again. He also helped me find ways that I could continue to work towards my goals even with my injury. I would not recommend anyone else to help you reach your fitness goals. Chance is truly a great trainer and even better person."

​Glenn F.